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Armed Security Officer

State Certified Guards

All of our guards are certified by the state, licensed, and insured. Our guards undergo comprehensive training in defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, and customer service. With clean, pressed uniforms, identifying credentials, polished shoes, and well-groomed hair and facial hair, our guards maintain a professional appearance.

We believe that enforcement through reinforcement is a more robust and effective method. Our guards enhance the confidence and comfort of those around them by serving as approachable sources of information.

Our guards are equipped to foster positive communication, a sense of community and safety, and the ability to defuse potentially volatile situations.

Unarmed Security Officer

Unarmed Security: A Viable Option?

The common perception is that security officers are always armed with firearms. However, in many security scenarios, unarmed security guards can be a more suitable choice. In most cases, an unarmed security officer can effectively maintain safety and security.

Unarmed security officers can be an effective solution for a variety of settings, from residential facilities such as apartment buildings to events where crowd control is the primary concern. Armed officers can sometimes intimidate crowds and harm the atmosphere of an event, making unarmed officers a preferable choice. 

Mobile Patrol Services

At any moment, a crisis may occur which is why we offer round-the-clock Patrol from expertly trained and licensed mobile guards. Opt for either uniformed or concealed security to safeguard the boundaries of your property. Our services cater to a diverse array of property types including commercial buildings, construction sites, offices, condos, events and beyond.

Unit Patrol Services

Many new security advances, including robots that can surveil a business and cell phone apps that monitor neighborhood crime

Fire Watch Services

Houston Patrol Service has an experienced and skilled fire watch team that is best at keeping the clients guarded and fully covered while maintaining professionalism, efficiency, sound judgment, and a sense of law ethics. Our Fire Watch security service teams are devoted to the community and the safety of individuals who Documents patrol at least once every hour. With Houston Fire Watch Services, you get exceptionally devoted, and responsible guards.

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